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Annual Conference

For the past 28 years, CAN has held its annual "Cool Topics in Neonatology" Conference in conjunction with the AAP District IX Section on Neonatal-Perinatal Pediatrics. The conference brings nationally and internationally recognized speakers to present on important clinical topics affecting the field of neonatology and allows CAN's membership the chance to interact and engage with peers across the state and country. 

This year's conference began with a poster session and symposium featuring team based quality improvement followed by the awarding of the David Wirtschafter and the Bhatt-Ramanathan Awards. Our keynote lecturer, Dr. Prakesh S. Shah, broadened the scope of our conference by bringing an international perspective to the care we give our small babies and the outcomes achieved. The theme for the 2022 CAN Conference will follow on the theme of the 2021 conference, the Small Baby with this year’s focus mostly on the common morbidities associated with extreme prematurity and the outcomes achieved by our smallest infant.